January 22, 2018

Jennifer Lopez’s American Idol Judging Deal Almost Complete

Jennifer LopezJennifer Lopez is reportedly in the final stages of negotiating a deal to appear as judge on American Idol's next season show and could be inked as early as next week. Lopez would fill one of the open seats left by Ellen Degeneres and Simon Cowell.

Producers of the show consider the singer to be one of the best mentors to appear on the program and is a huge American Idol fan while Degeneres was reportedly criticized for her lack of music critiquing skills.

A big name such as Jennifer Lopez is an effort to revitalize the show which has been losing ratings in the last few seasons. However, a report from People magazine states Lopez's demands got out of hand and the network had had enough.

Miller U.S. Going Bankrupt

Crisis GraphTea-Party-backed Joe Miller warns that the U.S. is going bankrupt and everybody is going to have to some belt-tightening. He brings down incumbent Lisa Murkowski and tells the CBS that he supports asking the government for less federal money.

According to statistics by Brookings Institution for FY 2008 Alaska received $2,574.68 in federal dollars per capita behind Vermont and the District of Columbia. The answer to this financial crisis is to transfer the responsibilities and power of government back to the states and the people.

That means more ownership of lands and the use of resource base. Two-thirds of the land is owned by the federal government. There really isn't a good constitutional basis for that.

Miller has taken controversial and extreme positions wanting to phase out Medicare and privatize Social Security which is a problem for election in Alaska.
He says that if you've paid into the system and are dependent on it, you have to get the fiscal house in order at the national level to continue to pay those benefits. The trust fund is empty and full of IOUs.

A recent government report shows that Social Security trust fund is expected to be exhausted in 2037 and pays out more in benefits than it collects in taxes for the first time this year.

The options are privatization as a solution to social security and make sure our seniors aren't left out in the cold.

Facebook Murder List

Gun MurderA mysterious name list surfaced on Facebook carrying 69 names of people from Puerto Asis, Columbia who were warned to leave town or face execution.Three teens on the list have been murdered in ten days. What was first thought to be a joke is now being taken very seriously by the police who are now holding special security meetings after a second list was posted.

Puerto Asis is a town with ties to criminal gangs known as Los Rastrojos and a Marxist guerrilla group called the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia and panic is spreading. Some parents have already taken precaution by sending their kids, whose names are on the list, out of town.

Panic is spreading as the town anxiously awaits while Facebook, once a website for social networking, has turned into every parent's worst nightmare.

Skating The Roads Of Paris

SkatesHow about a new way to get around Paris: in-line skating? Every Sunday for 12 years, the Paris based in-line skating association "Rollers et Coquillages" which translates as-Rollerblades and Seashells-organizes a 3 hour skating tour leaving Nomades Skate shop at Bastille in Paris' 12th Arrondissement at 2:30p.m. The tours attract 5-7,000 people every week.

The company offers over 150 routes 12 1/2 miles each. Participants can vote for their preferred route in an online poll. The tours also incorporate tourist hot spots: Hotel de Ville, Notre Dame, Quai d'Austerlitz, Boulevard Menilmontant.

Traffic in Paris is brought to a standstill while the skaters are led by a team of volunteers clad in yellow T-shirts, policed by officers and first aid-workers in case of injury.

Aspiring skating tourists should be relatively adept on in-line skates with the ability to brake being crucial especially when hurtling down a steep boulevard surrounded by thousands of other skaters.

In-line skates can be rented at Nomads Skate Shop 37 Boulevard Bourdon for 9 euros ($12) 33-1-44-54-07-44; wrist guards and helmets available for 1 and 2 euros. ID card is required on deposit.

Hodgdon-Miank Construction Begins Renovation of Barstow Mall and Improvements for New County Offices

MallCOLTON, CALIF. Hodgdon-Miank Construction announced that it has started construction on the remodel of the Barstow Mall, including tenant improvements for the County of San Bernardino's new social service office for the Transition Assistance Department and Children and Family Services.

According to David Miank, executive vice president of Inland Empire-based Hodgdon-Miank Construction, the scope of work includes demolition and the reconfiguration of approximately 37,500 square feet of space formerly occupied by Sears, to make room for the county's new offices located at the east end of the mall. The tenant improvements should be completed November 1, with plans to be open for business by December 1, 2010.

"We are very excited to work for TT Group, the mall's owner, and the County of San Bernardino," said Aaron Hodgdon, president of Hodgdon-Miank Construction. "The new county offices will add a thriving mixed-use component to the 14-acre Barstow Mall and serve as a catalyst for additional redevelopment."

Hodgdon-Miank Construction's Dan Wallner is serving as the project manager; Thom Duncan of Hodgdon-Miank Construction is the project's superintendent. Peter Ko and Brit Lindberg of Ko Architects of Palo Alto are the architects for the project. Mikes Bowes is the mall owner's project manager. The Barstow Mall is located at 1900 East Main Street in Barstow.

Chris Jaramillo, Vice President of DAUM Commercial, represented mall owner, TT Group of San Jose, in the lease transaction with the County of San Bernardino.

About Hodgdon-Miank Construction, Inc.
Hodgdon-Miank Construction has extensive experience with all types of construction and has active retail, office, private educational and medial projects throughout Southern California. For more information, call Aaron Hodgdon or David Miank at 909.783.3020.

Olympic Gold Medalist launches – Shannon Miller Healthy & Balanced Pregnancy Cookbook

BookJACKSONVILLE, FL, August 7, 2010 Shannon Miller, America's most decorated gymnast and new mom, releases her Shannon Miller Healthy & Balanced Pregnancy Cookbook. This prenatal cookbook is part of Shannon Miller Lifestyle: Health and Fitness for Women.
Miller says, "This Cookbook is inspired by my own experience with food cravings and aversions, gestational diabetes and the desire to have a healthy and fit pregnancy."
The Shannon Miller Healthy & Balanced Pregnancy Cookbook includes 50 delicious recipes packed with all the nutrients a pregnant woman needs, helpful pregnancy tips and a special section on gestational diabetes.

  Shannon Miller is the only American to rank among the Top 10 all-time gymnasts and is the only female athlete to be inducted into the US Olympic Hall of Fame twice (Individual 2006 and Team 2008). Among her career highlights, she has won an astounding 59 International and 49 National competition medals, over half of which are gold.  She is the only US gymnast to win two World All-Around titles.  Her tally of five medals (two silver, three bronze) at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, Spain was the most medals won by a US athlete. At the '96 Games in Atlanta, GA, she led the "Magnificent Seven" to the US Women's first ever Team Gold and for the first time for any American gymnast, she captured gold on the balance beam.  
      Miller is now an author, television personality and radio host. She holds a BBA in marketing and entrepreneurship from the University of Houston and her law degree from Boston College.  She founded the Shannon Miller Foundation dedicated to fighting childhood obesity and is Co-Chair of the Florida Governor's Council on Physical Fitness.
      Shannon Miller continues to travel the country as a highly sought after motivational speaker and advocate for the health and wellness of women and children. Shannon and her husband welcomed their first child John "Rocco" on October 28th, 2009.

Download Shannon Miller Lifestyle photos here:

About Shannon Miller Lifestyle: America's Most Decorated Gymnast, Shannon Miller, shares her thoughts and ideas to help you lead a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Find articles on topics relevant to your daily life and specific tips to get you in shape and feeling great!

Two Attorneys Elected to Ropers Majeski Kohn & Bentley’s Partnership in Los Angeles and New York

Business MenTWO ATTORNEYS ELECTED TO ROPERS MAJESKI KOHN & BENTLEY'S PARTNERSHIP IN LOS ANGELES / NEW YORK, NY Aug. 5, 2010 – Ropers Majeski Kohn & Bentley (RMKB), a multi-service law firm offering litigation and transactional services nationally and internationally, elected Eric Weissman and Saundra Wootton to partner, effective Aug. 1.  Weissman and Wootton practice in the firm's New York and Los Angeles offices, respectively.  The election of these two attorneys raises the total number of partners practicing throughout RMKB's national offices to 65.

"Eric and Saundra have made significant contributions to our firm and have demonstrated the leadership, skill, commitment and professionalism that it takes to become partner," said Rick Wilson, firmwide managing partner.  "We welcome them to the partnership and look forward to their continued growth and success."

Weissman represents domestic and international clients in insurance disputes and complex commercial litigation.  He advises insurers in connection with financial institution bonds, commercial crime bonds, professional and general liability policies, including D&O liability.  Additionally, Weissman has significant experience representing real estate developers in disputes with general and trade contractors, architects, purchasers and commercial tenants.  Weissman received his J.D. from New York Law School in 2002 and his B.S. from Indiana University in 1992.

A member of the firm's complex business litigation practice, Wootton has extensive civil litigation experience in the areas of business disputes, professional liability, construction defect, and product and premises liability.  Additionally, she has handled claims involving contract, employment disputes, negligent and intentional misrepresentation, interference with prospective economic advantage, unfair competition, defamation, environmental, and anti-trust matters.  Wootton provides legal advice and litigation services to individuals, businesses and governmental entities and has represented clients in numerous high-profile, complex cases.  Wootton received her J.D. from Southwestern University School of Law in 2002 and her B.A. from the University of California, San Diego in 1998.

About Ropers Majeski Kohn & Bentley

Based in Redwood City, Calif., Ropers Majeski Kohn & Bentley conducts a multi-service practice offering litigation and transactional services to domestic and international businesses and individuals.  The firm's practice areas include appellate; corporate law and business litigation; banking and consumer credit; construction; real estate; employment; environmental; professional liability; intellectual property; insurance coverage, bad faith and regulatory matters; fidelity and surety; product liability; asset protection, estate planning and tax.

Sharron Angle Slanders Reid in Ads – Numbers Show Nevadans Know Better

Harry Reid and Kirk KerkorianWe all know Sharron Angle (Nevada Tea Party / GOP candidate) and how she feels about the unemployed. Lately she has been attacking Harry Reid in local campaign ads accusing him of raising the unemployment rate from 4% to 14% – and also blaming him for the out-sourcing jobs, but…

…being from Las Vegas, as much as I disagree with the Democrats on many issues and of Harry Reid's ideologies and his healthcare legislation, we here who live in Las Vegas (both on the left and the right) know that her accusations against Senator Reid are simply not true.

Out-sourcing jobs? All the casinos are still here.

Harry Reid didn't destroy our jobs and our economy (and as a Republican, I have to swallow my tongue when defending Harry Reid); but Sharron Angle uses that as a ridiculous talking point. We in Nevada know better than this, and that's why her numbers have been falling as of late.

It's primarily the casinos that drive Nevada's and the Las Vegas economy (along with mining in the northern part of the State), and Harry Reid has personal friendships with the casino and mining bosses.

Harry Reid has helped to keep gaming taxes low for the casinos (the lowest in any other State) and has provided a good business environment for the gaming industry as a whole. And Nevada's taxes in general are very business-friendly. Discretionary spending fuels our State's casinos…and cities like Las Vegas were the first to fall after the crash of 2008, and will be the last to get back up if/when a national economic recovery occurs. Sharron Angle couldn't have changed that one bit if she had been in office at the time. Nor could she do anything now.

SEE PHOTO of Senate Majority Leader Senator Harry Reid and Kirk Kerkorian of MGM Mirage while attending the Oscar De La Hoya and Floyd Mayweather Jr. boxing match at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas (Rare photo of Harry smiling).

And jobs? Recently Sharron Angle admitted that creating jobs, wouldn't be her job! And unlike Harry Reid, she dodges the media. And why is that?

You know those little dolls where you pull a string and it starts talking? That's what Sharron Angle reminds us of. Doesn't she have any intelligent and original ideas of her own? Just like other candidates, she will say anything and lie just to get elected. These are EXACTLY the type of politicians we're trying to get rid of. As a Reagan Republican for many years, I would choose Harry Reid over Sharron Angle any day!

Sharron Angle would be disaster for Nevada. At least Uncle Harry feels more compassionate for the jobless.

The Tier Five Times reports on the latest unemployment news such as the jobless numbers and unemployment benefits for "99ers" – those who have exhausted all unemployment insurance benefits.

Global Business Success Consultant Corporate Sponsor Opportunities to Fund APEX MBA

Investing NewspaperGlobal Business Success Consultant Paul F Davis Corporate Sponsor Opportunities to Fund APEX MBA. Paul F Davis is seeking a corporate sponsor with whom to partner to finance his Asia Pacific Executive MBA at the National University of Singapore (within the top 20 Universities worldwide according to U.S. News & World Reports), after which he would work with the corporate sponsor in Asia.

The corporate sponsor opportunities have enormous potential across the orient as Asia becomes the predominate leader in global economics, investment and development.

Paul formerly lived in and traveled throughout Asia for 3 years as a worldwide motivational speaker and corporate trainer. The author of several books and a global properties consultant, Paul specializes in foreign investment, cross-cultural communications, brand creation, outsourcing, internet marketing and serves executives worldwide as a global business success consultant.

The APEX MBA at the National University of Singapore is a unique, world renown and unparalleled Executive MBA with an intense focus on Asia and its many emerging markets.

This Emerging Markets Partnership across Asia (home of two-thirds of the world's populace) is a rare find among corporate sponsor opportunities.

Road Warrior Paul F Davis will work with corporations in Asia to achieve brand excellence, outsourcing systems, investment opportunities, cross-cultural communications, internet marketing and global business success.
info @ PaulFDavis.com

Paul F. Davis is a Global Properties Consultant, Green Homes Adviser and Debt Arbitrator for financial freedom.

Paul is the author of 18 books and a worldwide speaker who has touched 60 countries building bridges cross-culturally and empowering people throughout the earth to transcend their limitations and live their dreams!

Paul speaks for corporations, universities, the military and several luxury cruise lines at sea. Paul has appeared on numerous international broadcasts from Investors Business Daily, Oprah and Friends to Fox News to talk about success, leadership, relational intricacies, conflict resolution, life balance and overcoming adversity.

By reason of his global travels, Paul is a highly sought after destinations, diversity and multicultural awareness speaker.

Paul worked at Ground Zero in NYC during 9-11; helped rebuild a home at the tsunami epicenter in Indonesia; comforted victims of genocide in Rwanda; spoke to leaders in East Timor during the war; inspired students and monks in Myanmar; promoted peace and reconciliation in Pakistan; developed leaders deep in the bush of rural Africa where villagers had never before seen a white man; and fed the hungry in impoverished Haiti.

Paul F Davis – Professional Experience:

Global Real Estate Florida Licensed Professional & Consultant TRC (Transnational Referral Certified) with an understanding of Green Homes and Buildings (NAR Green certified) and soon to be CIPS certified (approximately at end of August 2010 as course requirements have been completed in full with NAR).

Debt Arbitrator (IAPDA certified)

Worldwide Professional Speaker who has touched 60 countries and more than 60 islands

Published Author of 18 Books on a Variety of Self-Help, Personal Enrichment Topics

Purpose Coach, Leadership Trainer & Worldwide Minister Training National Leaders and The Next Generation Worldwide

Personal Fitness Trainer Facilitating Optimal Health & Achieving Peak Performance (24 Hour Fitness, Bally Health Club, Paramount Health Clubs)

English Teacher (ESOL) Taipei, Taiwan – YMCA (1995-1996); Bournemouth, England European Learners (1997); Orlando, Florida, USA – South American, European and Asian Learners Aspect Language Institute (2000-2002); Walt Disney World (2007); Substitute – Orange County Public Schools, FL (Kelly Educational Staffing, 2007); Ridge Community High School (Polk County School Board) 2008-2009; Florida Department of Education Teaching Certificate (2009-20011)

Wedding Officiant / Licensed Minister (Foursquare Churches International 146 Countries)

Paul F Davis – Education:

Harvard Business School – Negotiations & Deal-Making

Global Affairs Masters – New York University (enrolled 2010-2011)

International Security Scholarship (University of Sussex) – PFD respectfully declined

World Peace Scholar nominee – Rotary Club International

Wellness & Spa Design Scholarship (University of Tartu, Estonia) – PFD respectfully declined

FL Real Estate Sales (IFREC Real Estate School)

National Association of Realtors designations and certifications – TRC, Green and (CIPS pending completion of the application documentation by NAR).

Florida Real Estate residential appraising (Williams Appraisal School)

B.S., Cum Laude, Liberal Studies (Business and Communications): University of Central Florida, GPA: 3.4, Orlando FL

Masters Divinity / Theology, Spirit Life Bible College, Charter Class Graduate, Operation 500 Missions (Two Years Ministering Throughout Asia)

TESOL: (Trinity College, London; International Training Network)  

Brooklyn Law School Completed One Year of Law School

International & Shipping Law Summer Internship (University of Hong Kong & Santa Clara Law School)

Interrogation and Interviews Advanced Training – Reid & Associates

Transformative Mediation Interpersonal Conflict Management, Inc. (FL Supreme Court certified), Hofstra Law School (Transformative Mediation Dr. Baruch Bush), Peacemaker Ministries

Arbitration Arbitration without a Contract: Disputes Involving Investment and Other Treaties (Intn'l Center for Dispute Resolution)

Negotiations U. of Washington; Harvard – Strategic Negotiations and Dealmaking

Personal Fitness Training – Aerobics Fitness Assoc. of America and 24 Hour Fitness

Life Purpose Coaching NLP & Coaching Institute of California

Paul F Davis – Professional Affiliations:

National Association of Asian Professionals (NY Chapter), International Council of Orlando Realtor Association, Certified International Properties Specialists, Association of Fraternity Advisors, IAPDA (International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators), Costa Rica Realtor Association, International Foursquare Church

Paul F Davis – Former Professional Affiliations:

National Speakers Association, Aerobics Fitness Association of America, Association of Conflict Resolution, Association of Professional Campus Activities, Association of Fraternity Advisors, RCMA, Meeting Planners International, NLP Coach Associates, National Library of Poetry (Published Poet), International Coach Federation; Institute of Management Consultants, Peacemaker Ministries, YMCA (Lifeguard)

Paul F Davis – Extracurricular Activities

World Travel, Enrichment Lecturer at Sea for Luxury Cruise Lines, Videography, Surfing, Tennis, Body Building, Health, Nutrition, Massage, Fine Dining, Reading, Creative Writing, Baseball, Life Coaching

Global Business Success Consultant Paul F Davis Corporate Sponsor Opportunities to Fund APEX MBA

Emerging Markets Partnership across Asia (home for two-thirds of the world). Road warrior Paul F Davis will work with corporations in Asia to achieve brand excellence, outsourcing systems, cross-cultural communications and global business success.

Creativity Expert Media Announces Creativity Educational Programs And Workshops

Creativity Expert Media News Release – What is creativity?  There are as many ways to define creativity as there are ways to create.  Creativity is that delicate combination that synthesizes for a different or desired outcome. Perspectives on the value of creativity ranges from new frontiers to sustainability.

Creativity for sustainability should be honored, promoted, endorsed, advocated, supported, touted and valued. Creativity Expert Media announces ongoing custom designed workshops, formulas, games, seminars and sessions.  Associations, Organizations, problem solving teams, local governments, media agencies, conference attendees and artists communities continue to benefit from the formulas and processes presented.

These sessions are based on the Create Your Way Out Workshop Series, Kultural Kurrency Creativity Series, Historical Ages Creativity Series, and the Be Somebody Be Yourself Creativity Series.

Publications are also available for in house training at select libraries and online bookstores.

Creativity Formulas Seminar Workshop Handbook

Kultural Kurrency Creativity Seminar Workshop Handbook

Create Your Way Out With Cultural Currency Card Game One Person Curriculum