December 17, 2017

Motorola Droid X VS HTC Droid Incredible

MobileThe droid phone by Motorola is an attractive smart phone built with touch-screen and various features. The phone runs on Google's operating system known as Android 2.0, and has been heavily commercialized as a phone that can beat iPhone.

At first look, you might not think Motorola's droid phone design amounts that much. Its external build looks rather dull and its sharp edges contribute in a boxy figure. But this is a smart phone that conceals many surprises, the biggest being the positively sleek looking WVGA display. Its gorgeous screen at 3.7 inches surpasses even I-Phone's excellent screen feature and is firmly near the bounds of what many people consider as standard size for touch-screen displays. Its resolution and color support is charitable operating with 16 million hues and 440 x 854 pixels.

Definitely the droid phone by Motorola is big due to its 4.56"H x 2.36"W x.54"T display, but that is a small amount to pay considering it features a superior screening display. You'll also notice that these droids are heavy weighing 5.96 ounce compared to other smart phones available today, but its slim phone design keeps it from being portable. The phone's real-life sliding motion is noticeably stiff, but its front display does not really freeze into place on any end.

The phone's capacitive display interface is also noticeably responsive and quick. As for this phone, an added vibrating feedback feature that can be used only for some features is also helpful though you can still turn it off.

Although Motorola Droid offers mostly the same features, its distinct enhancement is in being the first smart phone to successfully run Android 2.0 which brings new enhancement and features.

STC Deploys State-of-the-art Technology and Introduces the Advanced Interactive TV (InVision)

TV RemoteFor the first time in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, STC launches the advanced interactive TV service (InVision) provided to AFAQ DSL Shamil customers (interactive TV, free calls and Internet  speeds reaching 20 MB/s). Customers could watch video content (TV satellite channels, sports and cultural programs, documentaries, videos, and more) in a magnificently interactive manner on high definition TV screens through connecting to the Internet. To maintain its leading role in providing its customers with new services deployed in other international markets, STC has initially provided the service in the three major cities (Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam) free of charge throughout the blessed month of Ramadan. This service will enable family members to watch any program they are interested in at their own convenience unlike satellite channels so that customers could maintain the punctuality of Ramadan's spiritual obligations by watching programs they are interested in afterwards.

It is worth mentioning that the advanced interactive TV service (InVision) can be solely provided by major companies around the world with highly reliable networks, providing real high speed internet to ensure the ability to transfer image and video data which requires high quality service and real speeds exclusive to major international companies with advanced high tech capabilities. InVision provides the option to watch free TV channels and pay TV packages, in addition to full control through the remote control device. Through InVision, STC shall provide AFAQ DSL Shamil at a speed of 20 MB/s, in addition to free local, inter-province and mobile calls. The service shall revolutionize the Saudi household as it provides the excellent content of TV channels that suits the interests of different family members, in addition to several other excellent services whether children's programs or sports programs. The service allows customers to watch live TV channels, pause a program and replay it later, replay clips, and record and retrieve programs to watch them anytime for a complete week. The service also provides Video on Demand (VOD) which contains a versatile library of religious and documentary programs, allows for downloading and watching famous movies and programs anytime, as well as watching football matches and following up on the most important sports championships such as the Premier League.

STC added that InVision service also features retrieving any program broadcast within the last seven days on any TV channel through the Catch Up TV technology, and features the Pay Per View service which enables the customer to select the program he would like to watch in order to record it and watch it later at his own convenience, in addition to the e-learning services, games, commercials … etc. STC indicated that the service provides the best handpicked satellite channels to suit all segments of society. Furthermore, it features a control panel which allows each viewer to select the packages he is interested in. The service shall be currently provided in select cities in the Kingdom and it shall cover all areas of the Kingdom at a later stage.

STC CEO, Engineer/ Saud bin Majed Al-Daweesh, stated that InVision is launched to fulfill customer demand and meet customer expectations which the Company sensed during its live and direct presentations of the service at the GITEX Exhibition in (2009 and 2010). During these occasions, customers expressed their admiration of the many features and excellent interactive services provided by InVision as one of the novel and innovative services exclusively provided by STC to serve the Saudi society.
He also asserted that the company intends to provide excellent and unique services making its clients distinctive through its integrated networks whether the mobile, landline, or broadband networks that provide very high real speeds. Customers may order the service by calling 907 or visiting

About Saudi Telecom Company:

STC is the leading national provider of telecommunication services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The company is working continuously to fulfil and satisfy the market requirements, keeping pace with the emerging technologies in the telecommunications sector and satisfying its customer's needs. STC has put in its consideration that, this is the way to reinforce its position and identity in view of a changing world where the role and usage of telecommunications became more significant

Saudi Telecom Company provides its customers with integrated services (Hatif, Jawal and the Internet). During 2009, the company achieved remarkable growth with regard to the number of its customers who reached 25 million in the Kingdom and 100 million all over the globe. This growth contributed to ranking it among the list of the largest 500 companies in the world and the second largest company among the biggest 100 companies in the KSA.