December 18, 2017

Moment of Zen

Social MediaLisa Welchman, the founding partner of WelchmanPierpoint, A web management consulting company in Baltimore tyries to find the best flights at the best price. It's just part of being an entrepreneur. Ballet was a big part of her life as a child. Disappointed because she was fat and black, her teacher advised her to start her own dance company. So she took the plunge into business ownership.

When she flies she says focused and calm through meditation. Most major airports have little prayer or quiet rooms to be alone or sharing the space with others- of different faiths and beliefs.

Lisa works on huge Web sites for United Nations, United States Dept. of Agriculture and the World Bank and likes to connect with people and chat with seatmates mostly teaching them about their technologies and how to get more hits for their personal blog.

She is always amazed at how little people know about the power of the Internet. One time, Ms Welchman sat next to a major alcohol Distributor who didn't care about social media. She changed his mind with an entire social media tutorial and completely hooked him! Facebook has recently overtaken Google as the number one website surfed in the entire world! If your not already using social media in your marketing do so now!

BMW & An Aging Workforce

BMW ShowroomBMW auto maker is worried it could be losing a race against time. While Americans over 65 will make up more than 16 percent of the population within 10 years, Germany is aging even faster – 21.6 percent will be over 65 by the year 2020. Demographers call it the Silver Tsunami – a rising tide of grey hair.

Studies say older workers have more patience and experience but less flexibility, strength and vision. These become real liabilities on a production line that depends on precision engineering and hard work to turn out more than 1,200 cars a day.

BMW management have decided to look ahead and make changes. They made 70 small changes in the workplace to cut the chance of errors and reduce physical strain such as: making special shoes, improved tools,  new computer screens introduced, put in wooden floors, and placed chairs modified for the assembly line.

The project cost $50,000 and improved productivity by 7 percent, below average absenteeism, and the defect rate dropped to zero.

It's no longer a project to aid the elderly; it's simply a fresh new plan to improve productivity.

New Job Means Lower Wages for Many

WorkPeople are finding it difficult to find work unless able to accept large pay cuts for their old jobs. Two such people, Donna Ings, 47, landed a job as home health aide, earning $10 an hour while Chelsea Nelson, 21, started as a waitress at a truck stop in Mountainburg Ark. for $7-$8 an hour depending on tips.

There has been little attention paid to the quality of jobs being created while the country focuses mainly on struggling job growth and 9% unemployment rate. The growth of low paid jobs began in 1980's taking off in the 2000s. Losing out in the shuffle, according to David Autor, labor economist at the Massachusetts Insitute of Technology, are the middle-skill, middle-wage white-collar positions,  like office and administrative support work, as well as blue-collar jobs, like assembly line and machine operators.

From 2007-2009 Dr. Autor found the recession magnified this trend showing relatively little change in total employment for both high-skill, low-skill and middle-skill occupations.

There is a typical downward slide during recessions, however, those most hit are those who fall in the middle, with high school or college degrees, and tend to experience longer lasting income losses after job loss than those on both the lower and higher end of the scale.

Hodgdon-Miank Construction Begins Renovation of Barstow Mall and Improvements for New County Offices

MallCOLTON, CALIF. Hodgdon-Miank Construction announced that it has started construction on the remodel of the Barstow Mall, including tenant improvements for the County of San Bernardino's new social service office for the Transition Assistance Department and Children and Family Services.

According to David Miank, executive vice president of Inland Empire-based Hodgdon-Miank Construction, the scope of work includes demolition and the reconfiguration of approximately 37,500 square feet of space formerly occupied by Sears, to make room for the county's new offices located at the east end of the mall. The tenant improvements should be completed November 1, with plans to be open for business by December 1, 2010.

"We are very excited to work for TT Group, the mall's owner, and the County of San Bernardino," said Aaron Hodgdon, president of Hodgdon-Miank Construction. "The new county offices will add a thriving mixed-use component to the 14-acre Barstow Mall and serve as a catalyst for additional redevelopment."

Hodgdon-Miank Construction's Dan Wallner is serving as the project manager; Thom Duncan of Hodgdon-Miank Construction is the project's superintendent. Peter Ko and Brit Lindberg of Ko Architects of Palo Alto are the architects for the project. Mikes Bowes is the mall owner's project manager. The Barstow Mall is located at 1900 East Main Street in Barstow.

Chris Jaramillo, Vice President of DAUM Commercial, represented mall owner, TT Group of San Jose, in the lease transaction with the County of San Bernardino.

About Hodgdon-Miank Construction, Inc.
Hodgdon-Miank Construction has extensive experience with all types of construction and has active retail, office, private educational and medial projects throughout Southern California. For more information, call Aaron Hodgdon or David Miank at 909.783.3020.

New market study, Turkey Retail Report Q4 2010, has been published

Business NewspaperBMI's Q410 Turkey Retail Report predicts that the country's retail sales will grow by more than 19% by 2014, from TRY293.28bn (US$225.18bn) in 2010 to TRY349.77bn (US$268.56bn). Underlying economic growth; an expanding population, especially in urban areas; rising levels of disposable income; and the continued development of organised retail infrastructure are key factors behind the forecast growth in Turkish retail sales.

Turkey's nominal GDP is predicted to be US$736.9bn in 2010, with 2009's decline of 4.7% expected to translate into growth of 4.9% in 2010 as the economy begins to improve. Average annual GDP growth of 5.2% is predicted by BMI between 2010 and 2014. With the population increasing from 73.2mn in 2010 to an estimated 76.6mn by 2014, GDP per capita is forecast to grow by nearly 86% to US$18,521 by the end of the forecast period. Our forecast for consumer spending per capita is for an increase from US$6,965 in 2010 to US$12,925 by 2014.

Turkey has a large, growing and young population. Each year, 750,000 young people join the workforce and, with an increasing level of urbanisation, many are abandoning the agricultural sector in order to seek better paid work in other areas. Nevertheless, unemployment is a problem, reaching an estimated 13.5% by the end of 2009. We forecast that this will start to fall in 2010, ending the forecast period at 8.0%. In 2005, 65.8% of the Turkish population was described by the UN as economically active, with 44.1% in the 20-44 age range, which is important for retail sales. Just over two-thirds of the population was classified by the UN as urban (67.3%). By 2015, the urban population is forecast to have reached almost 72%, with 43.2% in the 20-44 age band, and 69.1% of the population is expected to be active.

Using BMI Food & Drink service data we identify a food and drink retail market share in 2010 of 25.7%. Over the counter (OTC) pharmaceutical sales are predicted by BMI to increase from US$1.16bn in 2010 to US$2.11bn by 2014, a rise of nearly 82%. Automotive sales are forecast to rise by more than 68% from US$13.25bn in 2010 to US$22.30bn by 2014. Sales of consumer electronics products are expected to increase by more than 52%, from US$7.33bn in 2010 to US$11.14bn by the end of the forecast period.

Retail sales for the BMI universe of Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries in 2010 amount to a forecast US$1,153bn, based on the varying national definitions. Total consumer spending for the region based on BMI's macroeconomic database is expected to be US$2,027bn. Russia, Turkey and Poland are predicted to account for an estimated 82% of regional retail sales in 2010, which we forecast to rise slightly to 83% by 2014. Turkey's predicted market share of 19.2% in 2010 is expected to fall slightly, to 18.6%, by 2014.

Report Table of Contents:

Executive Summary
SWOT Analysis
- Turkey Retail Business Environment SWOT
- Turkey Political SWOT
- Turkey Economic SWOT
Business Environment Outlook
- Table: Central And Eastern Europe Retail Business Environment Ratings
- Turkey Retail Rating
- Limits Of Potential Returns
- Risks To Realisation Of Returns
Market Overview
- Current Trends
- Key Players
Industry Forecast Scenario
- Table: Key Retail Indicators, 2007-2014
- Table: Retail Sales Breakdown By Key Segments, 2010f
- Organised Retail
- Macroeconomic Outlook
- Table: Turkey Economic Activity, 2005-2014
Regional Retail Outlook
- Table: Regional Retail Trends, 2007-2014
- Table: Regional Retail Sales By % Share, 2007-2014
- Regional Retail Trends
Mass Grocery Retail
- Turkey Mass Grocery Retail Industry SWOT
- Market Overview
- Table: Structure Of Turkey's MGR Sector – Estimated Number Of Outlets
- Table: Structure Of Turkey's MGR Sector – Sales By Format (TRYbn)
- Table: Structure Of Turkey's MGR Sector – Sales Value By Format (US$bn)
- Table: Value Of Sales Per Outlet, 2008
- Industry Forecast Scenario
- Table: Turkey MGR Sales By Format, 2005-2014
- Industry Developments
Consumer Electronics
- Turkey Consumer Electronics Market SWOT
- Market Overview
- Industry Forecast Scenario
- Table: Consumer Electronics Overview, 2007-2014 (US$mn)
- Industry Developments
- Turkey Autos Industry SWOT
- Market Overview
Industry Forecast Scenario
- Table: Turkey Auto, Production, 2006-2013
- Table: Turkey Auto – Historical Data And Forecasts, Sales
- Table: TurkeyAuto – Historical Data And Forecasts, Ownership Rates
- Industry Developments
Country Snapshot: Turkey Demographic Data
- Section 1: Population
- Table: Demographic Indicators, 2005-2030
- Table: Rural/Urban Breakdown, 2005-2030
- Section 2: Education And Healthcare
- Table: Education, 2002-2005
- Table: Vital Statistics, 2005-2030
- Section 3: Labour Market And Spending Power
- Table: Employment Indicators, 2001-2006
- Table: Consumer Expenditure, 2000-2012 (US$)
BMI Methodology
- How We Generate Our Industry Forecasts
- Sources

About Business Monitor International

Business Monitor International (BMI) offers a comprehensive range of products and services designed to help senior executives, analysts and researchers assess and better manage operating risks, and exploit business opportunities, across 175 markets.  BMI offers three main areas of expertise: Country Risk BMI's country risk and macroeconomic forecast portfolio includes weekly financial market reports, monthly regional Monitors, and in-depth quarterly Business Forecast Reports.  Industry Analysis BMI covers a total of 17 industry verticals through a portfolio of services, including in-depth quarterly Country Forecast Reports. 

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Fast Market Research is an online aggregator and distributor of market research and business information. We represent the world's top research publishers and analysts and provide quick and easy access to the best competitive intelligence available.

For more information about these or related research reports, please call us at 1.800.844.8156.


The BEST Method in Choosing an Online Printing Company

There are many ways to choose a printing company. However, do you really know what the "BEST" method is in choosing the right firm for online printing? If you don't, then let me teach you how. In this article about online printing, I will share with you how you can choose the right company with the B.E.S.T. formula. So let us get started.

B – Beautiful sample prints:
The first point to consider in choosing an online company is to see if they have "Beautiful sample prints." Everybody wants to check if the online company can really do the job that they say they can. So when choosing your online printer, check to see if they have sample prints for viewing, or if other testimonials about the company have images of some of these sample prints. Sometimes, you can even have a printing company send you a sample printing of their work if you just ask as well.
If you see that the sample printing looks great then you have a good candidate for the best printer for you.

E – Easy to follow transaction process
The next point to consider is the online printer's transaction process. It should be Easy to follow. There should not be any kind of complicated registry process and several forms to fill up in different pages. The best online printers will have a maximum of two forms for transactions and that is it. The order process should be quick easy and painless. It never should be a chore. So if the online printer you have now makes it a hard process, you should switch to a better and easier one to deal with.

S – Special options:
Another point to consider in choosing an online printing company are its special printing options. Do they offer different paper materials for printing? Do they offer the use of different inks? Do they have the ability to customize print dimensions? All these and many other options should be present in the online printing company that you choose if you really want the best. The best printing companies offer a wide range of printing options that are fit for many printing purposes. So always try to explore the website of a printing company first and see if they have a lot of special options. Find the one with the most extensive options and stick with them, since more likely they will be the most useful for you in online printing.

T – Testimonials – Finally, the choice of printing company all boils down to Testimonials. Customer testimonials about the online printing company is important, since this will give you an idea about the quality and service that the printing company has. If a online printer has bad testimonials, then definitely you should not do business with them. If however they have raving reviews from different independent testimonials then you are all set. As long as those testimonials look trustworthy enough you should have already found the online printer for you.


New Market Research Report: Annual Forecasting Electricals 2014

GraphUK Retail Futures 2014: Electricals provides comprehensive insight into sector related issues such as market shares, space expansion and the changing patterns of consumer demand. It combines this with a host of economic, social and political factors to derive thorough sector forecasts over the next five years.

* Market expenditure, inflation and volume growth forecast to 2014 as well as data from the last ten years.
* Comprehensive analysis covering inflation, volume, and sales growth for brown, white and grey electrical sub categories.
* Channels of distribution analysis 2009, 2010 and 2014, covering electrical specialists and non-specialists.
* Comprehensive analysis of the key issues set to impact the electricals market over the next five years.


The market recovery will be slow and measured, with 2014 showing growth of just 3.7% on 2009. New technologies will boost the market, but will also push spend away from retail towards contract purchasing. Moreover, a weak housing market, low confidence and squeezed disposable income will drag on the sector.

The market is becoming more competitive, with new entrant Best Buy and others like John Lewis aiming to expand. Non-specialists, such as the grocers and online players, are becoming increasingly significant.

Brown goods will benefit from 3D technology and suitability as low price treats. However, other sub-categories, such as information processing products, are in terminal decline, with digital convergence also serving to reduce volume of product sold.

Reasons to Purchase

* Plan for the future, using this report to develop strategies that will enable you to compete effectively against rivals in tougher market conditions.
* Enhance your understanding of key issues, trends, and dynamics in the market, providing a valuable tool to help steer through turbulent times ahead.
* See how core electrical categories are expected to perform over the next five years.

Report Table of Contents:

About Verdict 3
Introduction 4
Methodology 5
Principle sources 6
Current Prices 7
Constant Prices 7
Volume Growth 7
Inflation 7
Total Growth 8
Percentage point difference with Total Retail 8
Executive Summary 9
List of Tables  
Table 1: Principle sources of data and information 6
List of Figures  
Figure 1: Verdict forecasting methodology 5

About Verdict Group

With over 20 years' experience, Verdict Research is the UK

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