December 18, 2017

Easy Video Player 2.0 Review

On October 19th, Josh Bartlett is releasing the update to his 2010 software "Easy Video Player 2.0"

If you've ever had the chance to work with video, you know the hassle it can be to setup video for your website.  The following review should help you make your decision.

Super Internet marketers like Mike Filsaime, Adam Horwitz and many other marketers have used Easy Video Player for their launch videos. The original version is tried and tested.

What the Easy Video Player software program does is allows you to embed paypal buttons and html instantly into your videos and will allows you to host your videos using the Amazon S3 protocol which allows quick and easy video creation. The original Easy Video Player took the video marketing world by storm but the Easy Video Player 2.0 goes one step more by fully integrating social networking sites including adding customizable elements, buy now buttons and a host of other new features.

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Here is a summary of the new features of Easy Video Player 2.0:

- It is now capable of multi-file uploading which saves on time.

- Allow you to split test videos. Up to two videos can be uploaded and it will allow you to split test them.

- Affiliate of your products can rebrand your links and use the video which will include their links. 

- Social Sharing allows you to track it and see where it is shared on a wide variety of different social sites including Facebook, Digg, Twitter and more.

- Full Iphone and Ipad support so your videos will play on these devices.

- Customized, clickable overlays which run during the videos.

- New and improved analytics.  Incorporates referrals, likes, time of clicks and more. 

- All video pages can include comments and sharing so that the page can be commented or shared.

- The 2.0 version includes a brand new, more intuitive interface.

Video marking is very powerful and Easy Video Player 2.0 is the ultimate video marketing tool available online. If you’ve wanted to do video marketing for your business but thought you couldn’t do it, I hope you this Easy Video Player 2.0 review has help you to decide that you can.

Easy Video Player 2.0 makes it easy to get subscribers and turns your video campaigns into effective money making machines with a higher conversion rate. If you’re not doing video marketing now you should start immediately you’ll be amazed at the results.  And with this amazing software, its is easier than ever to go video marketing.

Bottom line, this software can radically change the way you view video marketing and online marketing. 

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