December 17, 2017

Portland Agent Named Charter Member of Insurance Consumer Society

Business WorldPortland, August 5th, 2010: The National society of Agents for Consumer Education (NSACE) has named  Portland insurance professional Corey Kaster as a Charter Member. The appointment recognizes Kaster's commitment to providing quality insurance education to his clients and potential clients. Kaster, a president of Insurance Masters NW, focuses many of his efforts providing useful consumer tips, information and analysis to business owners and individuals in the areas of life and property/casualty insurance.

   "Corey Kaster is truly committed to educating his clients and other consumers on aspects of insurance that every policyholder should know," said Michael Jans, CAE, Executive vice President of NSACE. "It's no wonder that he gets many of his new clients because of his educational efforts. His endeavors have helped build credibility and trust for the insurance industry."
   The National Society of Agents for Consumer Education is an organization of insurance professionals committed to centering their marketing and customer service initiatives on providing "common language" and useable insurance information to consumers and clients.

About Insurance Masters NW: Insurance Masters NW was started in 2005 to meet the needs of the consumers that are not provided adequate information and/or service from their insurance carrier. We discovered too often consumers are not set up correctly and are uninformed about their insurance.