February 21, 2018

Profit Jackpot Creates Niche Websites

anik-singal-profit-jackpotAnik Singal, co-creator of Profit Jackpot, was recently challenged by a student of his that “he couldn’t build affiliate sites fast” – so he decided to use his new
system to prove the him wrong.

Anik earlier this month released a video in which he launches 10 affiliate sites, all in different niches, in just 10 minutes. Not only were the sites fully built, they also all had dozens of comments on them. And these ten sites received 3874 page views and 518 unique visit in 24 hours.

Profit Jackpot is open to the public on March 29th at 12pm Noon Eastern Daylight Time.

For more information, visit the link below.

Go to Profitjackpot.com