December 17, 2017

Bedtime Stories from Marines to Children Back Home

BookSgt. Chase Sheda loves reading children's books into a small video camera at headquarters, Forward Operating Base Delhi to his children Chase (4) and Jayden (3). Sheda lives in Temecula California and has been in the Marines for 9 years.

The video was burned onto a DVD by RP2FMF Andrew Lovick and then put in the  mail for Sheda's wife Bobbi. It's a big hit for all children who have benefited from the program called "United Through Reading" which began in 1989.

The program claims to have helped 412,000 people and is beneficial for those who are separated from their children for any length of time  such as- military by deployment; parents by incarceration or drug treatment programs; and grandparents living away.

Home can be a long way during a deployment with communications relying on satellite phone calls and internet for 30 minute periods when it is available. It can be agonizing during lock down when there is a casualty or a major operation is about to start. Families have to worry or shove it out of their minds with varying degrees of success.