December 17, 2017

Keeping Your Home Secure

Security CameraSetting up a full-featured webcam to monitor your home remotely can be confounding often yielding blurry low resolution video with unreliable availability. Logitech has addressed these issues with a line of new home-monitoring webcams.

The cameras come in two versions: $300 Alert 75oi Master System for indoor use and the $350 Alert 75oe Outdoor Master System. For full remote control of the settings, Logitech offers a premium service package of $79 a year with free mobile apps for the iPhone, android and BlackBerry devicesto tune in from your handset.

The webcams are remarkably easy to install and you can add up to five additional cams for as low as $230 indoor or $280 for outdoor models. Each security cameras comes with a Home Plug AV networking kit using your existing electrical wiring and outlets for connection. The security cameras require broadband Internet and a home network for setup. The camera includes a 2 gig Micro SD memory card which stores at least one week of video. For more storage capacity, you can add a larger memory card.

Setup is a snap simple three step process that can be accomplished in a matter of minutes by installing the software on your Windows or Mac computer. Next, connect HomePlug AV adapter to the camera and AC outlet. The camera needs to be placed within range of a power outlet. Create a user name and password for remote viewing and that's it. Set to survey.

The cameras capture video at high quality resolution of 960 by 720 pixels at maximum 15 frames per second and come equipped with motion sensors and built-in mic which can dispatch an email alert when they detect activity for a secure viewing and hearing via a free website. The sensor can capture details like faces and license plate numbers, and even text on a cereal box on the counter!

The motion sensitivity can be adjusted by setting the degree of activity necessary to trigger an alert and by creating motion zones defining areas that the sensors ignore.

The new Alert camera is very competitive with other full featured consumer security cameras and set a new bar in this category.

Look for the new Logitech surveillance cameras in September.