January 22, 2018

Solar Backup Power More Mainstream?

You've probably heard of using solar power for energy, in some form or fashion, since the mid-70's.  Using solar power for backup electricity was more of a pipe dream back then.  But due to big changes in energy-related technologies such as battery life, the have made solar backup power a reality for more and more people.

Anyone who has been through a serious power outage knows the not-so-great feeling of helplessness that's associated with losing all communications, lights, heat/air, and refrigeration.  With our dependence so heavy on technology, it only makes sense for more people to begin using solar.  Adverstisements for solar power that can be heard on radio and talk shows with millions of listeners confirm that the interest is increasing.  Certainly, these advertisers would not continue if there weren't some increase in interest in these backup systems.

Certainly, solar power will continue to garner more attention in our electricity-centric society.

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