December 17, 2017

Flippa announces Mark Zuckerberg Pre-Facebook Site For Sale

Flippa, the world’s leading marketplace for buying and selling websites, has put Mark Zuckerberg's up for auction.

The well-known Facebook founder started in 2003 in his Harvard dorm after a night of drinking.  According the auction listing, the site used photos from nine of Harvard’s “houses” and allowed visitors to choose the more attractive one. Zuckerberg was reprimanded by the Harvard staff for the site, but he expanded it and created a tool that incorporated user’s comments. eventually became the hugely popular site now known as Facebook.

Flippa currently lists FaceMash’s domain auction which is currently at $30,000. As with any pop culture items that are auctioned, even an empty domain, can go for large sums of money.  FaceMash’s relation to Facebook and Zuckerberg have gained it a lot of fame.

The origin of and how it became Facebook are detailed in the current box office smash starring Justin Timberlake, “The Social Network.”