February 21, 2018

The Woot Team

Please find below a list of the main contributors for WootUSA. You may contact any of them by using their first name and then @wootusa.com

Amy Trout
Amy is both an experienced journalist and a Mother of two. She enjoys reading and writing and long walks along the beach with her husband.

Samuel Gould
Samuel is an experience entertainment writer enjoying many years both in the cinema and in the nightclub industries.

John Barry
John is your typical tech geek and loves all the latest gadgets especially receiving them all to "test" out.

Harry Doland
Harry is a sports maniac. Although he doesn't have any formal journalist training, he knows his sport and is fast becoming a well known name.

Michael Cronin
Having studied health at university, Michael uses this knowledge to research the health industry.

Eric Martel
Eric plays the markets both at home and abroad in his spare time when he is not writing for one of the major newspaper.